Wednesday, 2 November 2016

The City of Leben Scribd Doc

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  1. OGR 06/11/2016

    Hi Dave,

    I'm assuming this is your OGR? Some lovely three-dimensional thumbnails... I particularly like No 41 because it's more than just an organic form and starts to be architectural. The danger with this guy is to sort of stop at 'super-sizing' some of his existing drawings and leave it at that, when I think you need to do a proper 'What If?' and ask yourself 'What If Haeckel as an architect?' as opposed to 'What If Haeckel's drawings were buildings?' It's a slightly different question, and one is more truly design-led than another. To close the gap between the two approaches, maybe look at some architecture that we think Haeckel would admire:

    In terms of identifying your 'hero assets' - i.e. the building types you're actually going to design and model and include in your digital set, this again is where you perhaps to think like Haeckel - it seems to me that he would likely privilege education/museums/science/zoology, so maybe you might consider categories of buildings we associate accordingly?

    So, try and answer the question 'What if Haeckel was an architect?' as opposed to 'What if Haeckel's existing drawings were the basis for buildings?' - the first question needs a more creative, more exploratory response.